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How to start to build my website?


  • My company never had a website before.
  • My company had an old website that needed to be update.
  • I need to do some enhancement for my website.


  • The website service we provide must be based on our hosting and clients have no right to access.
  • The only way to report issues related to your website is through our support system.
  • The design of the new website is based on the design sample we have confirmed through our support system.


  • step1 Go to or just login in
  • step2 According to the tips, provide us some details about your website.
  • step3 provide us your budget, please notice that our price start from $1500 including hosting and GST.
  •  step4 Provide your personal information and make sure the email is unique in our support system since the email will be your login account name.
  • step5 last step is to confirm your information you have already provided.
  • Here you go! Now, you will receive a email that contains your account details which can be used to login our support system. And we will follow up your new request ticket. 
  • The whole process please check the link

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