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How to check my website visits?


  • Once you be our customer, there are some charts in your console centre that show the PV data of your website.


  • There are only 2 days data that are available which is today and yesterday. If you want to check more please use google analytics If you want us to help you to setup everything, please submit a new ticket for us.

Statistics and analysis

OKWEB has statistics and analysis of website views, which can be viewed in real time to help companies master the latest market data.

Data contains

  • Real-time IP and PV hits are presented in clear charts.
  • The browser scale analysis report used by the customer.
  • Analysis report of the client terminal device, for example: how many customers are accessed through the mobile phone, and how many customers are accessed through the PC. Help you understand the main devices your customers are browsing.
  • Customer source; understand the customer's link to your website through that platform, helping you to use the platform to understand the promotion business.

The OKWEB system is completely self-developed by the company and does not use third-party traffic tools to ensure the security and privacy of your data.

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