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  • My company is ready for a new website.

    10 March 2018 : 7:45 PM

    I am a lawyer. I have been in the legal profession for 10 years, and now I need to have a website that shows our business.

  • Provide more details about your website.

    11 March 2018 : 10:15 AM

    Dear customer, thank you for choosing us to buid your website. Please provide us more details as following:

    • Your website name, logo(which need to upload).
    • Your website domain if you already have. If you don't have one, tell us which domain you prefer.
    • Your company contact email,phone,address,working time which need to show on your website.
    • Conception of the menu structure of your website.
    • All additional infor you want to show on the page.
  • I have prepared the details you need.

    11 March 2018 : 7:45 PM

    It has been a busy day, but I have prepared all you need anyway:)

    • Website name is "Legal support lawyer" and logo has attached.
    • I have a domain which is www.legalsupportlawyer.com.au
    • My company contact details:
      Email: service@legalsupportlawyer.com.au
      Phone: (03) 9898 9494
      Address: La Trobe St & Swanston Street, VIC 3000
      Working time: 09:00~17:00 Mon~Fir
    • Website menu as : Home, About us, Service, Knowledge, Contact us
  • Confirm design, quote and contract

    12 March 2018 : 11:15 AM

    Excellent! Thank you for your kindly cooperation. After discussion and research by our team, we gave you the design sample as following:

    And we also attached the contract with the price. Please notice that the price may change with your menu increasing. If you confirm the contract, please sign the photo and return it to us.

  • I have confirmed the design and contract.

    13 March 2018 : 7:45 PM

    The design is great and the price is reasonable. I have signed the contract and attached.

  • First installment bill 30% is ready to go

    14 March 2018 : 10:15 AM

    Thank you for your confirmation. Your first installment is ready to go. Please click the following link to complete the payment. Then, we'll move the case to the development.

    make a payment
  • I have paid the first installment bill.

    14 March 2018 : 7:45 PM
    The website is ready to check and delivery.

    24 March 2018 : 10:15 AM

    Good news! Your website has been done! Please check it out and give us any feedback in 5 days.

  • I have sorted out some revisions.

    26 March 2018 : 7:45 PM

    The website looks great. And there are something small need to change which has been attached.

  • Issue has been fixed and final installment bill 70% is ready to go.

    28 March 2018 : 10:15 AM

    Thank you for your feedback and all issue you mentioned has been done. Your final installment is ready to go. Please click the following link to complete the payment. Then, we'll delivery your website online.

    make a payment
  • I have paid the final installment bill.

    29 March 2018 : 7:45 PM
  • Congratulations! Your website has been delivered.

    28 March 2018 : 10:15 AM

    Congratulations! Your website is online now. We also provide fast and professional support through support system.

    Issue report & enhancement


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